♥ commissions ♥

Have a piece that you're wanting but not seeing it on our site?  If there's something you have in mind that's nothing like what we have here, or if you saw something you liked, but want something a bit more customized, then we can still help you out.  While we're always hard at work putting out what we believe to be the best designs, we know that we can't think of everything.  Following a few simple guidelines, please send us an e-mail with your commission request and we will do our best to give you the loveliest accessory you've ever purchased.  Also, we'll be working on cleaning up and optimizing our commission guidelines and processes, so please bear with our progress and watch this page for future improvements. 

Please direct all commission related e-mails to commissions@hardcandyhouse.com .

1.  Piece - Please decide from the following categories what type of item[s] you're interested in.  While we're open to trying anything you might want, if it's not listed below, there's no guarantee that we'll be able to make it.

artificial nails
cell phone charms
deco items
deco covers
hair pins
hair clips
hair bows

2.  Style - Please select from a style below to give us an idea of the general look and feel you have in mind for your piece.  As this is your commission, the styles below are definitely not the final say--just something to give us a starting point to understanding the type of style you want.  If you don't see your desired style listed below, go ahead and tell us what it is.  If we're completely unfamiliar with the style, it can be discussed so that we can determine whether or not we'll be styling your item correctly.

fairy kei
pastel goth
mori kei
visual kei
oshare kei

*what we don't do*
1.  Please do not send any requests for replicas or items that directly copy another brand's work.  We respect everyone's intellectual property and do not aim to profit from someone else's design.  While there are many situations in which things are similar or ideas overlap, we just mean that we will not be able to fulfill requests for exact copies.  It is fine to show us a picture and say "I was thinking something along these lines," but please do not say "make this item just like so'n'so brand." 

2.  We will not be able to fulfill any requests that call for materials such as real animal fur or leather.  If you can settle for synthetics, then everything will work out just fine.

Please send us an e-mail with the above information, as well as any other details you'd like to include.  Prices, as well as shipping information, will be discussed after we've confirmed that we will be able to make precisely the item you want.  Production time and price will depend on the nature of the materials involved [i.e. if you want a necklace that uses 24 karat gold chain that must be purchased from China, it will cost more and take longer to make than a necklace that uses sterling silver chain that we already have or can be purchased here].

Sound complicated?  We hope not.  It's much simpler than it looks, and we're extremely flexible!  We look forward to receiving your order and putting lots of love into your custom creation.  ♥