what is hardcandy house?

hardcandy house is a brand of accessories and apparel designed for those who love bright colors and sweet treats. Founded by Rin and Grimmy in Huntsville, AL, with merchandise ranging from earrings and hairpins to artificial nails, hardcandy house is working hard toward establishing a more outstanding fashion scene.

mission statement:  to work hard to bring the world delicious excessories!

hardcandy history

While Rin and Grimmy have both always loved the art of accessory making, hardcandy house did not proliferate itself until the decline of a preceding project.  The original plan for hardcandy house actually begin to formulate in Rin's mind sometime around 2004.  It was just another dream among many--to create a clothing line that employed extensive use of bright colors and exciting patterns.  She put her plans for the clothing brand "hardcandy" on the back burner for a while, but approached Grimmy in 2006 with an invitation to cooperate on the project.  With plans for starting her own line at some point in the future, Grimmy agreed to go ahead with the joint project.  Due to other priorities, however, the two still did not plan to launch the project for a few years.

In the fall of 2006, Rin and another friend decided to invite three additional members, among them Grimmy, to their graphic and literary media studio Sootboy Studios.  Sootboy Studios attended Middle Tennessee Anime Contention in  2007 and 2008, but interestingly, sold no graphic or literary media.  Being heavily preoccupied with work and school, the girls did not have enough time to finish any media project and ended up selling colorful jewelry and accessories in order to raise money and promote the name while they fixed things up behind the scenes.  After approximately two and a half years of below par operations, the girls of Sootboy Studios realized it wasn't working the way they were doing it and decided to part creative ways. Rin felt sad about the disbanding of SBS, but had a feeling that something bright was in the future.  After a temporary hiatus from the making of wearable crafts, Rin and Grimmy decided to proceed with the official launch of hardcandy house in 2008.  As had been the story for years, they struggled to balance the responsibilities of work and school and other aspects of life with their dream, but in 2010, the girls committed to hitting the production of hardcandy house goodies full swing.

hardcandy house now

Today, hardcandy house is taking the world of fashion and accessories by storm.  hardcandy house takes elements from many styles and reaches out to many audiences, but, as an overview, aims to deliver colorful and eye-catching accessories to those who want to display as much personality as possible on their sleeve.  Undeniably, hardcandy house takes the majority of their inspiration from the more vibrant trends in Japanese fashion.  The most influential styles are oshare kei and faerie kei, as well as many aspects of the broader fashion category known as "gal."  Outside of wearable fashion, hardcandy house employs much deco, especially the creation and use of miniature food.  As expected, sweet treats are a favorite subject for the girls.  In addition, the girls also take inspiration from anime, video games, manga, books, music, comic books, certain art movements, and fashion trends of other countries, such as Korea and those of the UK.  All in all, hardcandy house aims to achieve the ability of transforming anything that one likes into something one can wear. 

However, it's not all rainbows and candy.  As Rin and Grimmy find themselves interested in nearly countless fashion styles, they have decided to create many sub lines of hardcandy house in order to make sure they have something for everyone.  In addition to the bright colors and carefree style that is the face of hardcandy house, the brand also caters to the styles of lolita, punk, steampunk, and even features a recycled materials line for those who are a bit more down to earth.  While items in every style are not always on display all at the same time, the girls are always more than willing to fill commission orders for any piece in any specific style.  Despite the candy coating, hardcandy house works for both girls and guys! 

To give an idea of what they offer, a general, but not all-inclusive list of hardcandy house products is as follows: 

accessory storage, aprons, artificial nails, bags, bangles, bloomers, bracelets, brooches, cellphone charms, chokers, completed deco pieces, deco supplies/kits, earrings, headbands, hairpins, hair bows, hair clips, necklaces, pins, purses, rings, room accessories, scarves, skirts, ties

Today the girls can be seen selling their wares at anime conventions, art shows and of course online.